Born in Argentina and raised in the US, I am a freelance photographer based in San Diego, California, specializing in portrait photography.  I have worked with clients, both domestically and abroad, collaborating on various assignments, many of which involve the creative arts and social awareness.   My academic interests in Latin American and US Latinx cultures clearly inform my approach to photography.  I hold a doctorate in Latin American Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, and I teach literary and cultural studies at the University of San Diego.  Through my photography I bring together my scholarly and creative interests in visual forms of culture.

In addition to short-term assignments, I also enjoy working on long-term projects. For the last few years, I have been photographing Latin American writers in a variety of contexts such as portraiture in the US-Mexico borderlands, Crime Fiction Writers, and the Latin American Jewish Diaspora, among others, shooting almost always on location.

My work has appeared in both print and digital media in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. I have also exhibited in the United States, Mexico, and Argentina.

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Alejandro Meter


Cell: (858) 314-9747